How the iPad is different from the iPhone

With the recent launch of the iPad and iPad 3G many consumers are left wondering if the iPad is just a huge version of the iPhone or is it truly something unique? The iPad is actually very different from its brother: the iPhone. While they may share a similar trademark appearance the differences are much more than skin; or is it plastic deep?


Hardware wise the iPad is a whole different “beast” so to speak than the iPhone. The iPad is currently running a custom apple processor called the “A4″ which is a 1GHZ processor that is incredibly fast and significantly faster than the iPhone’s processor. The screen size is obviously much larger than the iPhone at 9.7 inches which makes a huge difference in usability. The iPad also features a 64GB version which is more memory than the iPhone currently holds at 32GB. The iPad much like the iPhone has a version that does allow 3G connectivity however the iPad uses the new Micro SIM card rather than the regular SIM card that the iPhone uses.


Both the iPad and the iPhone feature the same sensors and other hardware such as built-in microphone and speaker however the iPad does not have a vibration unit like the iPhone there it will only produce sound with alerts and not vibrate. The iPad weighs 1.5 pounds which will feel heavier in your hand than an iPhone however it is still comfortable to carry.


Software-wise the iPad is running a modified version of the iPhone 3.2 OS which boasts some new features the iPhone does not have in addition to many changes to the user interface. The biggest changes include drop down menus in many applications and split-screen applications such as in the mail application. These changes are to account for the much larger display of the iPad and allow for more usability. The App Store application on the iPad feels a lot more robust and functional than on the iPhone version and closely resembles the desktop counterpart.


Application-wise the iPad can run practically all of the original apps for the iPhone although it does have to scale them which looks slightly unusual on some of the apps. Many developers have released HD versions specifically for the iPad which allow beautiful functionality and appearance on the iPad’s now larger and more beautiful screen. At the center of the iPad and the iPhone is the same design and elegance that comes from Apple and therefore users will notice many differences between the two however they will always be closely related. If you want an ipad, get a free iPad