History of The Mosquito

Listen to the original frequency of ‘The Mosquito’The history of Mosquito Ring Tone dates back to 2005 when a British inventor by the name of Howard Stapleton came up with an ingenious idea to keep teenagers from loitering outside of shops at night. The idea was meant to drive away teens through ultra high frequency sounds much like how a dog whistle would affect dogs. It was an idea to make the storefront very uncomfortable for the loitering teens while leaving the money spending adult customers unaffected. The product was marketed as an ultrasonic teenager repellent taking advantage of the already well known ultrasonic dog repellent. Park Warehouse – The product blasts a continuous ear-splitting 17.4KHz sound wave (about the same sound an actual mosquito would make) designed to disperse loitering teens from the storefront while leaving adults unaffected. The Mosqutio“The Mosquito”, as the product was named, took advantage of a curious medical fact that most adults (and kids) are unaware of. Natural adult hearing loss is particularly acute at higher frequency ranges and most adults can not hear the ultra high frequency ranges after a certain age due to the condition known as Presbycusis.




Presbycusis is the condition that makes the Mosquito Ringtone possible. The condition itself affects most people as they get older.The principle behind Presbycusis is a biological fact that hearing experts refer to as an ‘aging ear’. Medical scientists state that starting at around age 20, the human ear begins to lose its ability to hear tones in the highest human-range frequencies (18-20 khz), and this condition progressively gets worse the older you get. Most adults over 40 or 50 exhibit some symptoms of this condition. Young adults are usually asymptomatic since most human reproduced audio waves and communication takes place in the range of 200 and 8,000 hertz. For this reason, the deterioration of the ability to detect ultra high frequencies generally go undetected. To learn more about presbycusis, please read our indepth resource about presbycusis and the Teen Buzz Ringtone


The Mosquito Ringtone

The same medicial condition that makes The Mosquito work also allows teens to hear this ultra sonic ringtone when adults are unable to hear it.As with any inventive good idea, sooner or later someone is going to use it for something other then the original intended purpose. In this case, some equally inventive teens in the inventor’s hometown (Birmingham) caught on to what the company was doing and decided to put turn the idea into something they could use. They took the ultra sonic frequency and converted into to a cell phone ringtone which they aptly named “Teen Buzz”. As such, the “adult proof” ringtone known as the mosquito ringtone was born. The ringtone immediately caught on like wildfire in the UK, and has since quickly spread throughout the reaches of the Internet to teens everywhere. Teens learned they could hear each others phones ringing at school but their teachers couldn’t. The ringtone goes by many different names including Teen Buzz, Mozzy Tone, Mosquito Ringtone, Ultra Sonic Ringtone, and others. It has been used in several TV series here in the United States as well as in a very clever KFC TV Commercial.


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