Mosquito Games

Pass the time playing one of these great free mosquito games! Most of them involve killing mosquitoes, so if you enjoy getting rid of those flying pests that like to suck on your blood, have fun killing them in the following mosquito games.


Kill the Mosquitoes GameKill all the mosquitoes before they reach you arm and start sucking on your blood! You get points for each mosquito killed.


Play Kill Mosquitoes

Mosquito ProjectGuide your mosquito in order to save the world by sucking as much blood as possible! Transport the blood back to the scientists in order to make a vaccine.


Play Mosquito Project

Mosquito BlasterBlast the mosquitoes with your mosquito blasting device before they swarm and suck your blood. Get points for each mosquito killed.


Play Mosquito Blaster

Swat MosquitoesSwat mosquitoes with your mosquito swatter. Get points for each mosquito you swat


Play Swat Mosquitoes