Mosquito Ringtones

The Ultrasonic Ring tone ADULTS CAN’T HEAR!!!!

Do Mosquito Ringtones Really Work?

The mosquito ringtone, which is a ringtone geared toward especially high frequencies that only young people can hear is really catching on in schools, clubs, or other places where children and teens want to use cell phones surreptitiously. This type of ringtone is also called the “adult proof ringtone” and with good reason.

Hearing Loss

There are many different reasons for hearing loss and several different clinical types, but it basically means full or partial loss of the ability to detect or understand sounds. Hearing loss can affect anyone, it doesn’t only affect older people. Even children can lose their hearing. Symptoms of Hearing Loss Many people don’t even realize [...]

Thanksgiving Family Activity – Frequency Hearing Test

If you are going to be spending time with extended relatives this Thanksgiving, consider testing the Mosquito Ringtone if you still doubt it actually works! It’s a great time to do this as you will probably have a wide range of age groups from which to test! Visit the hearing test to get started. The [...]

Electronics can Emit High Frequency Sounds Too!

Many older electronics emit high frequency sounds that work on the same principle as the Mosquito Ringtone. A few weeks ago I was in the finance department at a car dealership, buying a car for my 17-year old son. As soon as the old model dot matrix printer started warming up he was asking who [...]

Mosquito Ringtones – Even a President Can’t Hear Them!

Did you know that based on the average age of people being able to hear the Mosquito Ringtone most of the U.S. presidents would not be able to hear them?   As a result of the condition known as presbycusis, most adults over the age of 24 lose the ability to hear high frequency sounds [...]