Thanksgiving Family Activity – Frequency Hearing Test

If you are going to be spending time with extended relatives this Thanksgiving, consider testing the Mosquito Ringtone if you still doubt it actually works! It’s a great time to do this as you will probably have a wide range of age groups from which to test! Visit the hearing test to get started. The older family members will find they can only hear up to 12-16k depending on their age and the young ones should be able to hear them all. This is the technology behind the ultrasonic ringtone that students use in class to receive cell phone calls and text messages.


Some people claim that the mosquito ringtone doesn’t work as they are older and can still hear the tones, this is only partly true. It really does work…… for the majority of the population. There is no known single cause of presbycusis, the medical condition that affects the ability to hear the Mosquito Ringotne, only things that “might” contribute to it.


We have seen adults that could hear the mosquito ringtone but based on our age range estimates they should not have been able to hear it. I myself have witnessed it’s effects as I can no longer hear some of the high frequencies I was be able to hear when this website was put online several years ago.


The whole ability to hear high frequencies seems to fascinate people when I show it to them, I thought it would a cool thing to share with your family this Thanksgiving.