Mosquito Ringtones

The Ultrasonic Ring tone ADULTS CAN’T HEAR!!!!

“The Mosquito” rediscovered by CNN

It appears that CNN has just recently rediscovered The Mosquito and ran an article about the teen repellent device that launched the whole concept of the Teen Buzz Mosquito Ringtone. The device uses the same ultrasonic frequency that the ringtone is based off of. It appears that the device might actually be catching on here [...]

Over 5 Million Teen Buzz Ringtone Downloads and Counting!

Over the past couple of days we have surpassed 5 Million downloads of the Teen Buzz / Mosquito Ringtone. Our website has accomplished this feat in a very short 20 months. This means there are millions of teens using Teen Buzz ringtones around the world and they didn’t pay anything to get them. While the [...]

The Mosquito Ringtones are REALLY Free! Not a “Ringtone Club” or “Ringtone Subscription Service”

One question we get asked all the time is are the mosquito ringtones really free? And the answer is they are 100% free. You may download them, listen to them, and even put them on your cell phone without ever paying a single penny! There are many sites that charge a fee to access ringtones [...]

April Fool’s Day Prank – The Mosquito Ringtone

Since it’s almost April Fool’s Day, I thought I would share some something with everyone. One interesting thing we’ve noticed with the ultrasonic ringtones is the fact that when played, it can be hard to pin point the exact location of the source.   We wish all you tricksters out there good luck on your [...]

Mosquito Ring Tones for the iPhone!

We’ve come up with a really easy way to get the Mosquito Ringtones on your iPhone for free…. All you have to do is add our Teen Buzz ringtones podcast feed to iTunes. It so shocking easy, I am surprised that people haven’t started podcast ringtone webstes yet. First you need to have iTunes on [...]