Mosquito Ring Tones for the iPhone!

We’ve come up with a really easy way to get the Mosquito Ringtones on your iPhone for free…. All you have to do is add our Teen Buzz ringtones podcast feed to iTunes. It so shocking easy, I am surprised that people haven’t started podcast ringtone webstes yet. First you need to have iTunes on your computer and click our Teen Buzz / Mosquito Ringtones podcast feed in order to get the ring tones into iTunes.


After clicking the link, a feed will appear in your podcast folder in iTunes.
Your iTunes should look something like this after you click the Teen Buzz podcast feed


Click on the arrow next to the Podcast to display all of the ringtones.
To display the Mosquito Ring Tones click on the arrow next to the podcast name


Click the frequency of the ultra sonic ring tone that you want to put on your iPhone, or select them all!
Select the ring tones you want to have on your iPhone!


And finally, your ringtones should appear in your ringtones folder. If a ringtones folder does not appear, connect your iPhone to your computer
Your ring tones are now ready to sync with your iPhone.


Your ringtones will be available on your iPhone the next time you sync it with iTunes.