iPhone Speaker Limitations with Teen Buzz Don’t Really Exist After All

After dismantling an iPhone to remove the speaker and test it out, I found out that it works great and plays all the tones properly when connected directly to the PC’s speaker out port, the limitation I talked about earlier must exist within the iPhone software right? Wrong….sorta, it turns out that there was defiantly something going on with my iPhone when I tried to play any tone higher than 14khz from the official source of the Teen Buzz mosquito ringtone website. I just had to figure out what the problem was, the tones listed were all created with an audio utility program called Audacity, so I downloaded the program to see if there were any additional settings I might have missed but it appears I didn’t miss any. I searched and found tone generation software called NCH Tone Generator and I proceeded to create another set of mosquito ringtones to see if these would work on my iPhone. They worked great!


I am not sure if it something to do with the encoding built into Audacity or with the software on the iPhone itself. Either way, they are working now on the iPhone through the Safari browser and through the media player.