Online Hearing Test – Ultrasonic Frequencies

We’ve come up with a simple online hearing test to check your ears’ ability to hear the Mosquito Ringtone. Try out the hearing test and see the results, we tried to be humerous when we came up with the various results that may appear!


Here is a sample of the results from the test:


You got ears and you can use them! You hear high frequency sounds like the Mosquito and electronic devices turning on.

The highest frequency you can hear is: 17khz
You can find out your audio hearing range at The Mosquito Ringtone and see how well you can hear


Try it out and put the results badge on your profile or blog!


What do you think of the audio test?


We decided not to include the very upper end range of the ultrasonic frequencies in our hearing test, if you want to check your hearing on tones above 18khz, please see the full list of Teen Buzz, the Ultrasonic Mosquito Ringtones.