Teen Buzz Lets You Hear Your Cell Phone Ringing When Listening To Loud Music

Teen Buzz lets you hear your cellular phone ring even if you have the volume on your music turned up real loud.Most of my kids friends’ know that I run this website, one of the kids told me an interesting story behind the reason he uses the Mosquito Ringtone. It happens to be one of the most different and unique reasons I have heard, for which I was unaware of before this.


Like most teenagers, he likes to listen to loud music in his room, especially when doing his homework and when doing so cannot hear when his phone is ringing if he is using a normal cell phone ringtone. If he uses a mosquito ringtone it seems to cut through the music and can clearly hear his phone ringing. At first I was skeptical of this but after testing it out with some of the lower frequency tones that I am still able to hear I was able to confirm this.


So next time you want to turn up the volume in your room or when you’re driving and you still want to hear your cell phone ringing, switch your ringtone to the teen buzz ultrasonic mosquito ringtone. If anyone out there can explain the science behind why this is possible or point me in the right direction, please let me know!