That “Other” Buzz… The Mosquito Ringtone vs. Vibrate

A common argument against the use of the mosquito ringtone has always been, ‘why not just set your phone to vibrate?’ Often the name of this setting is labeled “silent.” Unfortunately, from my experience and from the experiences of many of my friends, the vibrate setting is anything but silent. Particularly in the classroom setting where the environment tends to be very quiet, the loud buzzing of a vibrating phone can be heard pretty clearly. In the middle of a test or a lecture the pressure of the phone against another object in a bag, on a desk, or even in a pocket can create an easily identifiable buzzing sound that adults most definitely can hear. The mosquito ringtone is an almost guaranteed promise that the only ones that will be hearing your phone are you and your classmates. Even if the mosquito ringtone can be heard by a teacher chances are he/she won’t realize that it’s coming from a phone. It sounds more like a timer or a watch going off. Whereas if the teacher happens to hear the loud buzzing of your vibrating phone, their going to know exactly what it’s coming from. Am I the only one who has experienced getting caught with their phone on vibrate? I don’t trust it!