The Mosquito Ringtone is now Available in Multiple Languages!

Mosquito Ringtones are now available in 23 languagesWe recently added the ability to download and use the Mosquito Ringtone in 23 different languages. By using the Google Translation engine, we will be able to rollout other languages as soon as Google adds them as an option. While the mosquito ringtone was conceptualized in Wales, it quickly spread around the world. It has become a worldwide phenomenon due to the fact that there is no language, no deciphering, just tones! While it may be multi-national in use, it seems to be most popular here in the United States.


The translations will be completed as quickly as time allows, due to certain technical restraints, we can only translate pages every few minutes through the translation engine. All pages in all languages should be completely translated in a matter of days. Enjoy the teen buzz ringtone no matter what country you are from!